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"St James pray for us!!!"

St James Syrian Orthodox Church

7 Conklintown Rd, Wanaque, NJ 07465 USA

St. James Charity Initiatives

We believe, as Christians, and as responsible citizens of the world, it is our duty to help people in need within all our capabilities. On the same note, it is also equally important that our next generation understand the value of the ‘fortunes’ they have in their lives and embrace the value of helping those who are less fortunate. Keeping this in mind, we have started with following initiatives -

Church (as a whole) set aside budget from revenue to help the needed every year
Morth Samajam collects money from different sources/events to help the needed via charity events
Kids are given out ‘piggy banks’ to collect money on an ongoing basis to organize charity events as part of the Sunday School, with their physical participation.