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Links to Syriac Orthodox Church Presence on the Web

There is a great wealth of information on the web about history, faith, organization and activities of Syriac Orthodox Church. Following are few links that would help you get started.

Archdiocese The Malankara Archdiocese of the Syrian Orthodox Church in North America
Jacobite Church Jacobite Syrian Christian Church Website
Foreign affairs of Church JSC Foreign Affairs to help our people who are going outside India in maintaining our spiritual traditions and faith of the church.
Jacobite Network(SOCMNet) Internet platform of Malankara Jacobite Syrian Christians
Discussion Forum Discussion forum for Syriac Orthodox Christians of Malankara(Malankara Jacobite Syrian Christian)
SOC Digest Syrian Orthodox Christian Magazine
Jacobite Resources Malankara Jacobite Syrian Christian Resources
Jacobite News Malankara Jacobite Syrian Christian News
Jacobite TV TV of Jacobite Syrian Church
Jacobite Radio Radio of Jacobite Syrian Church
The Silver Jubilee Convention Malankara Archdiocese Syriac Orthodox Church in North America, Silver Jubilee Convention